Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Alexandria VA to Litigate Your Case

If you’re in trouble with legal matters, an expert criminal lawyer in Alexandria, VA, like Jay P. Mykytiuk of Scrofano Law, PC, can help.

Criminal Lawyer Alexandria VA

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people are falsely accused of crimes. Whichever is the case for you, if you’ve been arrested, you need the assistance of a criminal lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia. Whether a person is guilty or innocent, their chances of getting a fair and speedy trial are improved with the retention of criminal lawyers in Virginia.

Often, evidence can be skewed or misinterpreted in a manner that makes the case seem more severe than it was. In a jury trial, the participants may be convinced by an aggressive prosecutor when the evidence would prove otherwise with an equally aggressive criminal defense attorney.

A person may feel they are innocent of the crime of which they are accused. When facing a criminal case, it is essential to retain the professional services of Virginia Criminal Lawyers, such as Jay P. Mykytuik of Scrofano Law. It may mean the difference between a lengthy sentence and hefty fines or freedom.


Crimes In Alexandria

Alexandria was founded in 1749 and is known as the hometown of the nation’s first President, George Washington. The proximity to the U.S. capital makes it the ideal location to reside for many people who work in federal offices. According to most sources, the city of Alexandria’s crime rate is lower than the majority of U.S. cities, although there are certain neighborhoods with a reputation for crime. Violent crimes are less common in Alexandria, whereas property crimes are more common.

Categories of Crimes and Penalties

There is a different side. Just because a person got arrested, doesn’t mean they did something wrong. A skilled Alexandria felony defense attorney will give you the best competitive chance to win the case. Depending upon the severity of the offense, you may face felony penalties which include jail time, and that can affect your personal or professional life. Despite imposing a huge fine in Alexandria, criminal charges are serious and must be investigated.

Why Do You Need an Alexandria Criminal Lawyer?

There are many offenses for which one might require the advice and representation of an Alexandria Criminal Lawyer. This is a limited list, but some of the most common include:


Causing physical harm to someone for any reason could lead you to assault charges which could be devastating. However, with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can fight for your rights and protect your reputation in court.


Domestic violence

Any act or behavior causing harm to your spouse or partner, whether financially, physically, or mentally, is considered domestic violence. Domestic violence is not ignorable and is being charged strictly in federal courts. If you are experiencing domestic violence or want to raise your voice for a loved one, it is best to consult with a top-notch criminal defense law firm.

Drug possession

Are you found in possession of premises of any drug or substance and being pulled over by a police officer? The situation couldn’t be more devastating. Drug possession, not to mention drug distribution, could be serious and can affect your legal record plus your quality of life. Consulting with Virginia criminal defense lawyers can help you identify the possible available options to get out of this situation.

Bear in mind that if your alleged criminal activity involved crossing state lines while carrying drugs or the sale of large quantities of drugs, you may be facing federal indictments. That would require having a skilled federal criminal defense law firm and the right attorney who has enough experience handling these types of Virginia criminal cases.


Driving under the influence or reckless driving are serious criminal offenses that can put several lives under threat. If you want to get free from DUI criminal charges, consult with experienced Alexandria criminal defense attorneys. Alexandria criminal defense lawyers are experienced in helping clients with federal crimes and criminal defense cases. If you need aggressive legal representation and DUI defense in court, book a free consultation with us.

Federal sex crimes

Federal sex crimes are considered among the most serious offenses in both state and federal courts. While isolated incidents of sexual abuse, assault, or rape, will be prosecuted in state courts, a criminal offense that relate to allegations on a larger scale or aggravated cases can be prosecuted in federal court.

Federal sex crimes are being taken very seriously and can put you through jail and penalties. Moreover, you will also be putting your reputation at stake because you might be required to get registered as a sex offender. The criminal justice system is strict and needs a strong defense strategy to be presented in the court.

If you are being charged for any type of sex or federal crimes, including sexual abuse of minors or any other, it is best to consult with Alexandria criminal lawyers. We are experienced in defending clients and protecting their rights against federal crimes and felony crimes.



Theft crimes are being categorized or divided into many other categories, and their penalties are also depending on the type of crime you are being charged with.

Cases become even more complicated in situations where one has committed or been accused of committing a traffic infraction involving abuse of over-the-counter medications or a concealed weapon.

Cases involving domestic assault can involve retaliatory accusations and complex narratives. And of course, with the ever-evolving drug laws, an accusation of possession may not be relevant by the time it comes to trial.

In each of these situations, the advice of a local expert criminal defense attorney will be invaluable.

When Do You Require a Criminal Attorney Alexandria VA?

You will require a criminal attorney in Alexandria, Virginia if you have been accused of a range of crimes from simple misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. There are penalties for all of these crimes that can potentially affect your future, and a good attorney will give you the best chance of moving forward with a clean slate.

Virginia’s criminal law is complex. It is possible to be accused, tried, and convicted if you have not done anything wrong. Sometimes, it is merely a situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A Virginia criminal defense attorney who knows the court system in Alexandria, Virginia, and other regions of Northern Virginia, including Arlington, VA, can provide the know-how and guidance about the legal process that you need in this difficult time.

Whether you are being charged with a white-collar crime or facing reckless driving charges, felony charges, DUI charges, grand larceny, property crimes, drug offenses, misdemeanor charges, DWI charges, or being pulled over by police officers, we can help. Consulting with the right legal team at the right time and building a trustworthy attorney-client relationship can help you save your time, reputation, and rights.

What Issues Arise in Alexandria Criminal Cases?

Often people are convinced that trials are a way for an inmate to challenge charges. An Alexandria criminal attorney knows how quickly a trial will begin. The criminal law requires a prosecution to release evidence they have against the defendants in criminal cases. Also, a criminal defense attorney has the option to examine the evidence not only to determine its accuracy but also to determine its legality.

Our Alexandria Virginia law office provides comprehensive legal counsel and representation to clients throughout the Alexandria area. Whether your charges involve misdemeanor offenses or cases that are prosecuted by the federal court, we can help. Our team possesses decades of legal experience handling these types of cases. We will listen to your side of the story, examine the facts of the crime you are charged with, and give our best to figure out a way to get a positive outcome.

Aggressive & Experienced Legal Representation in Virginia

The first arrest is a scary, traumatic, and emotionally devastating experience. If convicted, a victim may face harsh punishments such as fines and jail time. If you are facing criminal charges, you can hire an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your rights. Our law firm will fight for getting your criminal law charges resolved. Our Alexandria criminal defense attorneys provide exceptional service to the community.


Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney, Alexandria Virginia

When you require an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria Virginia, you should choose wisely. Public defense lawyers in Fairfax County are available to anyone charged in the area, but unfortunately, they are often overworked and underpaid.

A private attorney that you retain will be able to give your case the attention it deserves. The criminal lawyers at Scrofano Law can provide valuable advice and a comprehensive strategy to aid in your Virginia criminal defense case.

If you are in need of a criminal attorney from Alexandria, VA, contact attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk of Scrofano Law today for a free consultation.


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