Gretchen Taylor Poussen Lawyer Reviews

Kyla LeeKyla Lee

Gretchen has all the skills to get the job done - former prosecutor, serious jury trial experience, and compassion and skill for days. I would not hesitate to hire her as my lawyer.

Rebecca GRebecca G

If I could give her 100 stars I would. I put my complete trust in her, and she did not let me down. Her results exceeded my expectations. You need this woman on your side if you ever find yourself in trouble.

Ruby BranscombRuby Branscomb

10 years ago, Gretchen Taylor saved my life. I was facing a serious, felony drug charge that was based on nothing besides the text messages of a former friend and other hearsay. I was 19 at the time, uneducated and uninformed of my rights, and terrified at what was unfolding.

I secured the services of an attorney who proved to be utterly useless, barely lifted a finger for my case, and encouraged me to cooperate with FCPD to ensnare some other equally young and dumb target into similar charges.

Gretchen immediately realized that my previous attorney had never even filed a motion for discovery (so that he could see what evidence the state held against me), which baffled her.
Adding to her surprise more was that there was quite literally nothing in the discovery file — the state had no physical evidence against me and used my ignorance of the system against me, hoping to coerce a confession from me and helping them with an investigation that was very far removed from my current lifestyle.

After being in court with my old lawyer, over 3 times and having the case continued for almost 2 years, I was not expecting the outcome Gretchen Taylor was able to produce for me in our very first court date together.

She asked for the case to be dismissed against me, due to the lack of evidence she found in her motion for discovery. The judge agreed, and a nolle plead was entered; the charges were essentially dropped.

Gretchen is an honorable, ethical and kind woman who drastically altered the course of my life by simply doing her job. I would recommend her as an attorney, especially those who have cases in Fairfax County.


Ms.Taylor happens to be the greatest attorney of my time when i first messed up in court without attorney. My case was a 2 year PROTECTIVE ORDER against me.My money wasn’t wasted when i contacted Ms.Taylor for Appeal.
She won the case for me hands down.The case was finally dismissed.
Ms.Taylor is very responsive,very committed and always ready to talk to her clients with the greatest of respect.
Ms.Taylor doesn’t play in court.I have never regretted hiring her as my attorney for my case.I will recommend each and everyone to reach out to her law firm for good outcome of any case her firm will agree to take care of.
Ms.Taylor knows what she’s up to if she have your case.
Your money will never be wasted.Seeing is believing,trust me.

Aaron DudleyAaron Dudley

Pay the money! I researched and consulted with several lawyers. There were some who were literally were $3k less than her but I did not choose them because I did my homework. Gretchen even told me hey you might want to get a more specific lawyer but like I said before I did the research and she was meant for my case. I was falsely accused of family abuse with a permanent protective order. With my evidence and her knowledge of law, the judge, and courtroom the case was won in 30mins and I never had to speak. Pay the money!