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Practice Areas

Other criminal charges


Assault is a crime against a person that involves many different categories of crime and varying levels of severity based on the arrested person’s intent and the physical harm done to the victim. When facing criminal assault charges, a thorough investigation by an attorney can make all the difference.


Civil Protections

A restraining order taken out in Washington, DC is referred to as a Civil Protection Order (or “CPO”). It essentially involves filing a mini-lawsuit against an individual whom you have an “intra-family relationship” with. An experienced CPO lawyer can help you navigate the process and advise you on the possible options.


Drug Possession

Generally, there are three types of drug crimes — possession, possession with the intent to distribute, and distribution. Attorney Jay Mykytiuk has experience in both federal and state drug offenses in both Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.



Getting a DUI in Washington, DC can be a stressful event that causes lasting consequences to your life. Attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk is an experienced trial attorney who will fight to protect your rights and to achieve the best possible results based on the facts of your situation.

sex crimes

Federal Sex Crimes

Sex offenses charged in federal court are extremely serious and will warrant experienced federal criminal defense counsel. If you are under investigation or charged with a federal sex offense, it is important that you talk to an experienced and qualified federal criminal defense attorney.

DC Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Otherwise known as “hit-and-run,” Leaving After Colliding may be charged in Washington, D.C. when a driver who has been in an auto accident which causes property damage, injury to a domestic animal, or personal injury, leaves the scene without waiting for police to arrive. Jay P. Mykytiuk has significant experience defending hit and run cases both in court and in the investigation stage.

DC Solicitation1


Sexual solicitation and solicitation of prostitution are two misdemeanor crimes in the District of Columbia that typically involve an agreement between two people for sex or sex acts in exchange for money. Attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk has handled dozens of solicitation-related offenses and can help you navigate your way through the criminal justice system.


Reckless Driving

Although most traffic offenses are prosecuted in State courts, or in D.C, Superior Court, if these offenses occur on federal property they are prosecuted in Federal Court. If you have been charged with DWI or Reckless driving on the GW Parkway, you should consult a Virginia traffic lawyer with experience in Federal court and in Virginia traffic law.

criminal traffic

Traffic Offenses

Several non-DUI traffic crimes exist in Washington, DC. The most common are driving with a suspended license, driving with no permit, reckless driving, and speed over thirty miles per hour. Attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk has extensive experience representing individuals who have been charged with traffic crimes in and around Northern Virginia.



Several types of theft offenses exist in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia, including first and second-degree theft, first and second-degree fraud, and shoplifting. Jay P. Mykyiuk has experience defending a variety of theft offenses in DC and Northern Virginia.