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Virginia Lawyer for Carjacking Charges


Under Virginia law, carjacking is a serious crime that can result in heavy fines and lengthy jail time. If you’ve been charged with carjacking in Virginia, get in touch with a top-notch Virginia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Virginia carjacking lawyer will help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. By doing so, you will have the highest possibility of avoiding serious charges by getting your charges reduced or dropped.

Whether you’re facing state or federal carjacking charges, our skilled attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to represent you successfully in court. Our highly qualified attorneys will investigate your case thoroughly and build a strong defense on your behalf, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

What Is Carjacking in Virginia?


In Virginia, carjacking is the act of taking a motor vehicle from its owner to permanently or temporarily deprive that person of its possession. If you take another person’s car without their consent and intend to keep or sell it, you can be charged with carjacking.

Penalties for carjacking in Virginia can vary depending on several factors, including the value of the motor vehicle taken (higher values result in higher penalties), whether anyone suffered bodily harm during the carjacking, and whether you have any prior criminal convictions.

Seek the help of a skilled Virginia theft lawyer today if you’ve been charged with carjacking or other crimes. By obtaining suitable legal representation from a Virginia carjacking lawyer, you can protect yourself from harsh penalties and get the best possible outcome.

Difference Between Carjacking, Car Theft, and Joyriding


There are several important distinctions between carjacking, car theft, and joyriding under Virginia law.

Auto theft refers to a person who takes a car that does not belong to them, but it assumes that the car was not occupied at the time of the theft. Carjacking occurs when someone takes the car directly from the driver using force or threats. Auto thefts do not involve violence, whereas carjackings do.

Joyriding is not explicitly regulated in Virginia but is generally considered an unauthorized motor vehicle use. Joyride means using someone’s car without their consent. The intent is not necessarily to permanently take away the vehicle. Joyriding differs from carjacking because it does not involve force or threat.

Carjacking is a more serious crime than auto theft since it involves using or threatening force against the victim. Auto theft is viewed more severely than joyriding, as it typically requires planning and premeditation to permanently or temporarily deprive the motor vehicle owner of the vehicle.

These three vehicle crimes all result in serious legal consequences if you are found guilty. Therefore, working with an experienced Virginia robbery attorney is crucial if you’ve been charged with carjacking. A skilled lawyer will work diligently to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Scenarios and Charges Associated With Carjacking

One common scenario in Virginia carjackings is: the victim drives along, stops at a light, and someone comes up with a gun, knife, or another type of weapon to get them out of the car. In fear, the driver leaves, and then the perpetrator steals the car.

Some common examples of carjacking scenarios in Virginia include:

  • Aggravated carjacking, in which the perpetrator uses a weapon or causes serious bodily harm to the victim
  • Carjacking that occurs during the commission of other offenses
  • Carjacking that targets an elderly person or someone with limited mobility

Based on the details of the alleged carjacking, a person might also be charged with felony weapons charges, concealed weapons charges, assault charges, or strangulation charges.

In any case, it’s critical to hire a defense attorney who is knowledgeable about the complexities of Virginia law and who can offer you the highest chance of winning your case, regardless of the circumstances of your case. You can count on the experienced Virginia carjacking lawyers at Scrofano Law to help you.

Virginia’s Carjacking Penalties

Carjacking is a felony offense punishable by 15 years to life in prison if convicted. This means that the minimum prison term is 15 years. However, the minimum penalty for stealing a car in Virginia will depend on the specific circumstances of your case.

A person with a history of criminal convictions is more likely to receive a harsher sentence for carjacking. The more criminal convictions someone has, the harsher the sentence may be. In addition to facing expensive fines, defendants may also face long-term consequences.

The prosecution will work aggressively to secure a conviction in your carjacking case. Therefore, carjacking lawyers in Virginia are essential for those facing carjacking charges. At Scrofano Law, a carjacking lawyer in Virginia will build a strong defense case to defend your rights. Contact Jay P. Mykytiuk at Scrofano Law today to begin your defense. 

How Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?


If you are facing carjacking charges in Virginia, a Virginia criminal lawyer will work closely with you. It is vital that you have a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience defending individuals charged with carjacking and who is familiar with Virginia theft laws. Your lawyer will explain all charges against you and develop a legal strategy that exploits any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Additionally, your Virginia attorney will represent you throughout all stages of the legal process, including trial, plea negotiations, and criminal charges hearings.

Our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys is ready to help you get the legal representation you need to achieve a positive outcome in your case. Get in touch with us today, schedule a consultation, and learn more about our services.


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