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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Loudoun County

Being convicted of a crime has harsh consequences beyond paying heavy fines or serving time. A criminal conviction is a public record that employers, lenders, and landlords can see. Even if you are acquitted, being arrested and facing criminal charges can be distressing for you and your loved ones.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal or traffic offense charges, a Loudoun County criminal lawyer can help. The Scrofano Law PC law firm serves the Northern Virginia and DC area. We are here to answer your criminal law questions and fight for your liberty.

Types of Criminal Charges in Loudoun County

Some of the common charges Loudoun County residents face include driving under the influence (DUI), traffic offenses, drug-related crimes, assault, property crimes, and white-collar crimes.

  • DUI: If your blood alcohol is 0.08% or higher while operating a motor vehicle or watercraft, you are deemed to be driving under the influence. First-time offenders can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Traffic-Related Offenses: Traffic offenses can be classified as infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions are not criminal offenses. Misdemeanors and felonies are more serious and impact your criminal record.

    For example, reckless driving is a serious traffic offense classified as a misdemeanor. A third DUI conviction and hit-and-run are both examples of a felony.

  • Drug Offenses: Drug-related offenses are serious offenses that carry severe penalties. These include drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, drug distribution, drug trafficking, and driving under the influence.
  • Assault and Battery: Inflicting harm that results in personal injury could result in a criminal charge for simple assault or battery. Depending on the circumstances, it could result in a Class 1 misdemeanor or a Class 6 felony, according to § 18.2-57 of the Code of Virginia. Instances of domestic violence carry more severe penalties.
  • Theft and Property Crimes: Theft in Virginia is classified as petit larceny or grand larceny. A theft constitutes grand larceny if the value of the thing taken is $1,000 or more or if taken off a person if the value of the stolen goods is $5 or more. It is punishable by jail time ranging from 1 to 20 years.

    Other crimes against property include burglary, arson, embezzlement, and tampering with property, among others.

  • White-Collar Crimes: These non-violent crimes typically involve thousands of dollars in money or property. Some examples of white-collar crimes include bribery, fraud, and identity theft.

    Depending on the circumstances, white-collar crimes can be tried in state and federal courts. A federal criminal lawyer from Scrofano Law PC can help defend you for an alleged federal crime.

At Scrofano Law PC, we believe that criminal allegations may be dealt with aggressively and strategically. Our personalized and professional approach to handling our clients’ causes and our rich knowledge of criminal law help us establish a robust criminal defense.

The Criminal Process in Loudoun County

Every person charged with committing a crime has to undergo a legal process. It is crucial to understand the arrest procedures and criminal court system because, as an accused individual, you have certain rights.

The process usually involves the following:

  • Arrest: If there is a reason for the police to arrest you (for example, you just committed a crime or have a warrant of arrest), you will be detained, and the arresting officer will inform you of your Miranda Rights. Invoking your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney is essential.

  • Processing and Booking: After your arrest, you will be transported to the local police station or the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. Your fingerprints and photograph will be taken, and you will be asked to verify your identity.

  • Bail: After processing, you will be brought before a magistrate to determine your initial bond. You can be released on your own recognizance, with an unsecured or secured bond.

    The type of bail and amount will be set at the bail hearing. Bail may be denied if the magistrate believes the defendant is a flight risk or an unreasonable danger to themself or the public.

  • Arraignment: You will likely have to appear for several court dates at the Loudoun County Courthouse, but the first court date is always crucial. During this time, the accused will be formally informed of the criminal charges against them. They will also be asked if they plead guilty or not guilty.

Your first phone call should be to an attorney. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact Scrofano Law PC as soon as possible. A seasoned Loudoun County criminal lawyer can provide the guidance you or your loved one needs during the entire criminal process.

Building a Strong Defense

Some common defense tactics used in criminal cases include:

  • Alibi

  • Unlawful search and seizure

  • Unlawful arrest

  • Self-defense

  • Statute of limitation or prescription of crime

  • Illegal entrapment

A strong defense is crucial in proving your innocence or entitlement to reduced charges. Still, there is no one-size-fits-all defense strategy for criminal cases. That is why your attorney should make it a point to investigate thoroughly and comprehensively review the case’s facts.

Potential Consequences and Penalties

A criminal conviction can have penalties ranging from community service to a prison sentence. The following are the penalties for committing a crime in Loudoun County, VA:

  • Fine

  • Community service

  • Probation

  • Jail sentence

  • Imprisonment

  • Life imprisonment

In addition, being convicted of a criminal offense has long-term consequences. This includes:

  • Permanent and public criminal record

  • In some cases, a convicted felon would be unable to obtain:

    • Student loans

    • Mortgage

    • Employment as a professional

    • Green Card

    • Custody of their child

    • Security clearance

  • Loss of civil liberties if convicted of a felony, like:

    • Right to vote

    • Right to serve on a jury

    • Right to run for public office

    • Right to become a notary

    • Right to carry a firearm

  • Sex Offender Registry, if convicted of a sexual offense

Why Scrofano Law PC?

Scrofano Law PC’s criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting Virginians’ civil liberties and future. Our client-centered approach allows us to craft a defense strategy based on each case’s unique facts and circumstances.

Our team can guide and assist you throughout the process. From plea bargaining with prosecutors to filing an appeal if necessary, you can count on our criminal defense lawyer from day one.

Criminal Charges? Scrofano Law PC Can Help

Don’t lose hope if you have been charged with a crime in Loudoun or Fairfax County. You are innocent until proven guilty.

At Scrofano Law PC, our criminal defense lawyers will critically review the case against you and craft a strategic defense. We can also review your options and possible outcomes to determine the appropriate approach to your defense.

Speak with a criminal defense lawyer at Scrofano Law PC today!


We fight for your rights!

Iracely Pinto

I just wanted to thank Mrs. Taylor for representing me at the Courthouse! She was great dealing with the people there and defended me well with professionalism, courage, and confidence. From the moment I spoke with her over the phone, I knew she was the right Attorney to represent me and defende me from an angry Police Officer who charged me with reckless driving and 2 others tickets. All was unfair and not true. She was just amazing at the Courtroom, and what was supposed to take hours, it just took less than 30 minutes. All the charges against me was dismissed and my record was clear. Thank you God for Mrs. Gretchen Taylor and for her help and for her great experience and dedication towards myself. I highly recommend Mrs. Taylor to anyone in need of a Lawyer.

Deb Obi

Gretchen was a joy to work with because of her wittiness and fast thinking. She was actually recommended to me by another Lawyer who admired the way she handled things in a courtroom they were both in.

Her advice, encouragement, and patience with me as she handled my case was admirable. She knows her stuff and I felt confident that she was able to get the best outcome for my case based on my interactions with her. Her fast thinking and knowledge of the law and procedures allowed for my case to be dismissed. She is fast on her feet, ready to fight for you while being poised.

If you are looking for someone who is going to listen to you, knows the law, willing to fight on your behalf and is empathetic while at it, please go with Gretchen. You will not regret it.

Charles Graves

I hired Gretchen Taylor over 10 years ago, when I was very young and she successfully defended me from a false allegation.

Now I’m very successful in life, and I have to give Gretchen a ton of credit for her help! She is extremely honest, hardworking, kind, and sees the best in people. She believed in me, and she’s also a very good lawyer.

Through this process I grew up, and I learned that there are good and bad women, good and bad men, and that it’s important to be careful about who you associate with, or hang around or date, because even when you live your life with honesty and integrity, some people are simply trouble. Thanks to this, I’ve been happily married to my amazing wife for almost a decade now, and successful financially. Gretchen didn’t only win my case but she really had good wisdom for me too. She’s very knowledgeable about the law and doesn’t let the system take advantage of you.,

You won’t find a better lawyer, period!

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