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What is a Radar Detector in Virginia and How Might it Affect You?


Drivers are generally aware that posted speed limits are enforced to improve the overall safety of everyone on Virginia roads and highways. Whether they have a “lead foot” or are perpetually late, many have experienced the pricey consequence of driving too fast. To reduce their likelihood of receiving a speeding ticket, some utilize the cruise control feature of their vehicle, and others attempt to bypass law enforcement officers by installing and using a radar detector in Virginia.

Police officers use several types of “radar” to catch drivers exceeding the posted speed limits in Virginia. Some cruisers are equipped with traditional radar equipment that consists of both forward and rear-facing radar.

If you have received an unfair citation from a police officer for your vehicle’s speed or using an illegal radar detector, you should contact a reputable Virginia criminal lawyer like Gretchen Taylor Pousson of Scrofano Law P.C. to help with your case.


Using Radar Detectors in Virginia

The way radar works are the device bounces radio waves off of an object, in this case, the moving vehicle, and measures how quickly the waves return. A radar detector enables drivers to be aware of where a police officer’s radar gun is being used to reduce their speed or avoid the roads that are being monitored.

Operating a vehicle with a working radar detector, including devices that detect or block police-operated radar devices, is illegal in Virginia. If you face criminal charges that include the use of a radar detector, you should consider retaining a reputable criminal defense attorney. Contact Gretchen Taylor Pousson for advice and advocacy.

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Virginia?


Radar detectors have been a hot topic for debate for decades as they can be seen as a form of cheating. When used by average citizens, radar detectors have been illegal in most of the United States since the early 2000s.

Although in some states, radar detectors are completely illegal, Virginia does not have any laws that prohibit their ownership, just their use. In addition to detecting the presence of police radar, these devices can also detect laser guns and red light cameras.

In Virginia, it is illegal to use a radar detector in any vehicle on any highway or street in the Commonwealth. Anyone using Virginia police radar detectors may face legal consequences, including fines.

What is the Virginia Radar Detector Law?


The Virginia Radar Detector Law is a law that prohibits the use of radar detectors in Virginia. Often people suffer penalties for using a radar detector in Virginia if its use is in conjunction with other criminal offenses or infractions they are accused of.

For example, if it is found that the accused was involved in a collision while speeding, they may receive an additional charge for their use of a radar detector. A professional hit and run Virginia lawyer can help with their defense.

Since the latest models can detect the frequency of police radar guns from around 100 meters away, some people wonder whether an officer can detect radar detectors. Although technology hasn’t advanced enough for police officers to be able to remotely detect the detectors, there are other methods that they utilize. They are aware of how laser devices work and are trained in how to visually calculate vehicle speed and identify erratic driving indicative of a guilty person’s driving style. They also look for telltale signs like empty windshield mounts.

A person charged with using a radar detector to avoid a speeding ticket should contact a skilled attorney at law to help them identify holes in the law enforcement’s case.

States Where Radar Detectors are Illegal


Currently, the states where radar detectors are illegal include California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington D.C. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is driving through them with an operating radar detector. Even if you are merely passing through, to do so is still illegal.

If you do own a device, some laws protect your right to own one and even possess it in the vehicle as long as:

  • It is not readily accessible

  • It is not connected to a power source

  • It is turned off and in your trunk

This is due to certain “safe harbor” laws that allow people to possess these devices as long as it is apparent that they are not in use at the time.

What are Radar Detectors and Jammers?


Radar detectors are devices that help drivers avoid speeding tickets by warning them of police radar. Radar jammers are devices that send powered waves to scramble the signal and give an incorrect reading, thereby interfering with the radar and preventing detection.

A radar jammer basically has the same job as a detector and is legally treated the same way.


Can Cops Detect Radar Detectors?


Essentially, cops can detect radar detectors, and radar detectors are not as accurate as people often believe. Although some people think that the police know if you have a radar detector, they generally use the driver’s evasive actions as an indication of guilt.

This is actually one way a lawyer can help. They can argue that the jammer or detector was completely inaccessible to the driver. The biggest mistake a driver can make is admitting to having used a device to try to avoid receiving a citation. Contact a knowledgeable attorney for advice.


What Are the Penalties for Using a Radar Detector in Virginia?

In Virginia, using a radar detector is illegal, as law enforcement officers strictly enforce this regulation to deter drivers from using devices to detect speed traps. The penalties for being caught with a radar detector include a fine, with the exact amount varying by case.

Additionally, the device may be confiscated. While no demerit points are awarded specifically for the use of radar detectors, the underlying reason for their use, such as speeding, can result in demerit points.

Virginia’s stance on radar detectors underscores its commitment to road safety and adherence to speed limits.

How Much is the Virginia Radar Detector Fine?


The law in Virginia states that anyone who is caught with a radar detector in their car can be issued a warning, have the device taken from them, or even have their vehicle towed. If they are found guilty of operating a radar jammer in Virginia, they face financial penalties of around $100. However, it depends on the circumstances that surround the case.

The only way to accurately know how much your potential fine might be is to consult with a skilled law firm. To reduce the potential punishments for using a radar gun while driving, you should consider consulting an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer. For a consultation, call Gretchen Taylor Pousson of Scrofano Law P.C.


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